Friday, December 19, 2014

Life saving images - Selfie by Proxy

The list of adoptable shelter pets is overwhelming and compounding. What to do to improve adoption rates? It can be as simple as giving the pet a good opportunity to be seen in her or his best light. Enter HeARTs Speak.

HeARTs Speak Perfect Exposure Project from HeARTs Speak on Vimeo.

Suggestion for a Christmas gift to a local animal shelter from Secret Santa:

Option A: Session with Photographer for each and every pet.

Option B: Digital Camera.  

No pet left behind.

Cats and Dogs -- a Holiday Cheer two-fer

Lots of smiles. Two short vids with Christmas Cheer featuring animals who most likely had more than a few happy moments of filming ... with a pile of bait/treats just begging to be dispatched ...

First - dinner with the chowhounds and their dapper cat host - then the Grinch Kitten ...

And now ... the newest cat star ... amazingly ... the tree stayed in the upright position.
My cats have scaled several -- because they can. And then they sit by it all nice and smug -- like it was the greatest accomplishment of the year. And it certainly rated high for memorable!! Cheers!

So - lots of smiles, giggles, grins and good vibes ... what our animal companions must endure on behalf of our holiday festing.

We thank them. With big hugs, longer walks, special treats -- and hearts that expand with each passing day.

Kudos to Freshpet for a very entertaining and reshareworthy classic! Your cheerful stocking stuffer is a viral homerun!

Thursday, December 11, 2014

Monkey Island - life after the lab

“We need, in a special way, to work twice as hard to help people understand that the animals are fellow creatures, that we must protect them and love them as we love ourselves.” - César Chávez

When animal testing fell out of fashion, this group of research monkeys was more fortunate than others. As disclosed in the film, after a particular study was completed and the animal deemed unnecessary, he or she was then euthanized.

These monkeys were given their own place to recover their place in the natural setting. A place where they can hold the rest of the world at bay and simply be ... free and wild at heart. 

Now - if there is a question of what the research might have been and what the animals may have been participating in - here is a short film (part two of 2) discussing various projects, a monkey with two brains, a dog with two heads. The question is asked about whether there is life after brain death and concludes that there is no life after brain death. (Part 1 of two.)

This issue is controversial, given new information regarding consciousness studies. Eben Alexander is one example of a paradigm shift in progress. 

Edited from the Website of Dr. Alexander: "A highly trained neurosurgeon who had operated on thousands of brains in the course of his career. NDEs, he would have been the first to explain, might feel real to the people having them, but in truth they are simply fantasies produced by brains under extreme stress. Then came the day when Dr. Alexander’s own brain was attacked by an extremely rare illness.

For seven days Alexander lay in a hospital bed in a deep coma. As his doctors weighed the possibility of stopping treatment, Alexander’s eyes popped open. He had come back."

Dr. Eben Alexander: "My coma taught me many things. First and foremost, near-death experiences, and related mystical states of awareness, reveal crucial truths about the nature of existence. And the reductive materialist (physicalist) model, on which conventional science is based, is fundamentally flawed. At its core, it intentionally ignores what I believe is the fundament of all existence — the nature of consciousness."

My interview with Dr. Alexander in 2012 - Conscious Living on Empower Radio
"All of the animals except for man know that the principle business of life is to enjoy it."
~ Samuel Butler